RoseNMS (rnms) is, as the name implies, a Network Management System. What this means is rnms is a piece of software that gathers information on devices out on a network and tries to meaningfully interpret them to make monitoring and managment simpler.

rnms is written in python and is based upon the Turbogears 2 web framework. The basic concept is largely built around the ideas that were put into another NMS program called JFFNMS.

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History of RoseNMS

Rnms is the third network management system that I have worked on. In the early 2000’s there was a design which was not much more than some penciled scribbles for something along the lines of logcheck. That program was called GEMS (Generic Event Management System) and didn’t progress past the concept stage.

What accelerated GEMS’ demise was a project called Just For Fun Network Management System or JFFNMS. This program was written in PHP and combined the status polling of Nagios with the RRD graphs of cricket and MRTG. As it was written in PHP this had all the bonuses and problems of other PHP programs. It was able to reasonably easily run on Windows and Linux systems, amongst others and handled the database and SNMP parts through modules.

Maintaining a PHP program is not easy and tracking down bugs gets very difficult. There needed to be a better way and one solution was to keep PHP but use a framework such as CakePHP. While this solved some of the framework problems, it still left PHP with all its quirkyness.

Another series of searches and it was decided to start a completely new project. Given it was a rewrite, then there was no need to stay with the same langauge. Also the web framework needed to be something reasonably substancial that took care of things such as database handling, authentication and web request routing. After some research and false starts, in October 2011, RoseNMS was born based upon TurboGears.